Republic of Latvia

The Republic of Latvia

The Republic of Latvia was founded on the 18th November 1918, shortly after the guns on the Western front had fallen silent but for the Baltic region the turmoil of the First World War was far from over.

The newly formed independent Republic of Latvia soon entered into a bloody struggle between different political ideologies that would eventually shape the region in which Latvia lies today. Nationalist supporters across the region supported the creation of anĀ  Independent state, free from Imperialist Russia and also free from the Socialist movements that were rapidly taking hold of many parts after the Revolution of 1917.

Regional Socialists had their minds set on a Socialist Republic of Latvia and subsequently the result would be known as The War of Independence, which would last from 1918 – 1920. This subject is far to complex to describe in a few paragraphs and I advise if it is of interest to research further.

By 1920, the new Republic of Latvia was in a sorry state. 6 Years of conflict had left the population devastated, yet it was a turning point in Latvian history, this was the time for Latvians to create their own destiny.

The drive to create a great nation resulted in a rather healthy growth period for any post war nation and by the 1930’s, Latvia was florishing as a major trader on the European markets, noteably its trade with Britain.

The 1930’s brought around many changes for Latvia, some form of Coup took place and the Government was taken over by Karlis Ulmanis. Across Europe, Dictators took control of countries and the setting for World War 2 would place Latvia in the center between 2 great super powers. Nazi Germany and The Soviet Union.

In 1940 Latvia was occupied by Soviets, 1941 – 1944 by Nazis and the 1944 – 1991 by the Soviet Union again. This period of time is a subject in its own and we shall let the experts write about this.

Since 1991 The Republic of Latvia has been going through some major changes, joining the EU and NATO and becoming one of the fastest growing economies as well as one of the fastest to crash in recent years. Latvia still has a long way to go but with persistence and drive she will florish into a great nation.