Riga Airport

Riga Airport is a small but modern airport in Latvia that is expanding year on year and bringing in vast amounts of tourist, business and transit travelers.

Riga Airport, also known as RIX or Riga International Airport, is located about 10km west of Riga’s center and can be easily reached by bus 22 or taxi. By bus the ride is around 40 mins and buses leave regularly. You may be charged for your luggage on Bus 22. Taxi rides cost around 10 lvl and we recommend the pre-paid token sold by BalticTaxi. These are available from the terminal and cost 10 lvl, this way you  wont get ripped off by some grumpy Riga Taxi driver who speaks no English and looks like he was just released from jail. Return to the airport can be cheaper around 6 lvl at the time of publiction (2011) was the price I paid with a pre-booked taxi.

The most popular destinations from Riga Airport are Germany, Britain and Finland and this year in 2011 around 60% of all passengers within the Baltic region passed through Riga. Over 4 million of them! And with over 80 destinations reachable from Riga this number is set to grow.

Facilities at the airport are up to a high standard, with clean spacious areas to sit, read and unwind before a flight. Places to eat and drink are affordable but tend to be a the usual large chains you will see in the center of Riga. The public toilet facilities are of a high standard and there is even a small pharmacy if you need last minute medical supplies.

Many airlines fly from Riga but the main ones are Ryanair, AirBaltic and Wizz air. Routes are added all the time so it is worth keeping an eye out for new holiday possibilities. I recently have been using the Riga – Tbilisi route frequently and I am extremly happy that this flight route has opened up. If you are thinking to visit Georgia, see if you can fly through Riga and drop in on us for a night or too!

Wherever you are flying to or wherever you are flying from, we wish you a great adventure!