Riga City Spy Game

A spy is on the loose in Riga

And it is your task to track him down before before he can hand on information he has stolen.

Track him through the city’s dark streets and alleys, gain clues from friendly agents, solve the riddles and crack the codes to catch the enemy agent before it is too late!

A Riga City Spy Game is a great, interactive way for your student or corporate group to explore the centre of Riga whilst working together to find the location of the ‘spy’.

Teams compete in a race against each other and the clock to collect information from various sights in the city, decode the clues and find the spy’s location. Along the way, participants will need to interact with different characters in order to get the necessary information.

The game is designed to show the best of Riga, and to encourage teams to work together. This is a great introductory activity for any corporate group visiting Riga, and a fantastic way to get a little bit of a break during your business trip. Each Riga City Spy Game is tailored to suit your group, and can be adjusted to fit your location and schedule.

Contact us to see how we can make your time in Riga a memorable experience for you and your group.