Riga F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about E.A.T. Riga and Latvia

We’ve compiled list of some of the more commonly asked questions about our services, tours and booking process, as well as general questions about visiting Riga and Latvia. If you question is not answered below, then please feel free to contact us to get an answer.

FAQ about E.a.t. Riga

Q: How do I confirm a booking with E.a.t. Riga?

A: We work on a one to one communication basis with our clients. Once we have agreed on a start time, date, pick-up location and price we will confirm with you via email.

Q: Can I cancel a booking with E.a.t. Riga?

A: We would be very sad if you chose to cancel your booking but we understand that people’s plans change during thei travels. We ask for 48 hrs notice for cancellation where possible. We provide our telephone number with your booking in case you need to reach us at short notice. Most of our tours require no deposit but for large bookings and events we require a 50% downpayment. For cancellations on such bookings a refund can be made only 14 days prior to the date of delivery.

Q: Does E.a.t. Riga provide services not listed on their website?

A: Contact us with any questions about your visit to Riga, we may be able to assist you. From transport, catering, accommodation, filming in Riga and more we have the means to set you in the right direction. We have access to almost all activities in Riga. If you see something elsewhere but would like to combine it with one of our services, feel free to ask if we can provide it for you.

FAQ about Riga & Latvia

Q: Is Riga safe?

A: Yes, it can be if you use common sense, keep an eye on your pockets, do not leave your items without attention and do not go to drink in shady bars.

Q: How many people live in Riga?

A: There are 701 977 people in Riga, as of 2014.

Q: What Language do people speak in Riga?

A: Latvian is the official language in Riga, Latvia. It is part of the Baltic language family. In Riga a large proportion of people speak Russian although this is not an official language.

Q: Do people speak English in Riga?

A: Yes. Many people are fluent in English and tourists should feel free to travel within the capital using only English.

Q: Public transport in Riga – is it cheap?

A: Riga’s public transport system is well developed and easy to use. The city uses an electronic ticketing system known as E-talons. Tickets can be purchased in many places, the easiest is the Narvesen kiosks or on the transport, from the driver or ticket machine (on the newer trams). Tickets purchased before boarding cost 1.20 € per ride, but from the driver will cost 2 Euros per ride. Multiple trip and day tickets are also available.

Q: What currency is used in Riga?

A: As from 1st January 2014 Latvia has changed over to the Euro. The old currency, the Lat is no longer in circulation.

Q: I read about problems with Taxi fare overcharging. Which Taxi company will not cheat me in Riga?

A: We personally recommend Baltic Taxi. These are the green taxis. Generally well mannered, clean, modern cars. Not the cheapest Taxi firm but a good choice for non-locals.

Q: Is Riga full of Stag Parties?

A: In the past Riga was well known for its Stag Party madness… These days much fewer large male groups visit the city. Although Fridays and Saturdays in Old Riga can be rather debauched, other areas of Riga offer quiet nice evening activities. Searching the internet you can find lots of negative press on this issue but just look at the dates of the articles, fewer and fewer reports have been published in recent years.