Riga Filming & Location Support

Filming in Riga? Need an on the ground fixer? We can offer you such a service – from locations and permissions, to local companies offering filming solutions.[slideshow]

As an events and guiding company we know many locations hidden away from public view that may be of interest to you as a film production. We offer on the ground scouting and production assistance prior and during your filming in Riga.

Language services, translation, filming permissions and fixing is all within our expertise. We have experience in last minute fixings for film and our connections throughout the city can provide anything from aerial shoots, equipment hire, boats, buses, vintage vehicles, public transport filming permission as well as public buildings, private business and even interior locations.

Our service as production assistant and fixer is offered at a negotiable rate just contact us for more details. We work as team preparing your production needs before arrival and offer a daily assistant for a fixed rate during production.

We also assist in:

  • Journalistic needs
  • Photography support and Location
  • Research material for pre production
  • Access to local people for interview
  • Extras and Actors

We are certain that our services are a competitive rate and our solutions can save production costs a great deal.

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