Riga Nightlife

Going out tonight?

Riga has a great Nightlife and most of you will wish to check out some of Riga’s hottest night clubs and bars to enjoy your time in the city to the most!

Have a look here for our selection of top night-clubs in Riga. Our selection is focusing of more alternative, indie type of places.

Clubs in Riga


Whatever your reason for visiting Riga and whatever your age group their is no excuse to stay in with so much on in the evenings and night time throughout Riga. From concerts in Riga to great places where to eat, you are spoiled for choice.

Where to party in Riga

In general Riga at night time has two sides to the city. One is a local rather debauched young crowd, getting off of their heads on cheap alcohol in Old Riga. Great for those of you looking for a dance and a beer or two but just make sure you know what kind of bar you are entering!

On the other hand there are areas throughout the Quiet Center and The Central District where you may sit in classy wine bars, great restaurants, tables to play at in the casinos or simply enjoy walking amongst the fine architecture away from the madness of the touristic center that is Old Riga.

Every night has something to indulge yourself with. Just ask at your hotel or hostel for up to date information on events or special occasions that may be taking place during your stay.

How safe is Riga

Some people ask me ‘Is Riga safe at night?’ and I would have to say that from my personal experience of wandering the city at all times of night, that within the Center and The Old City you are pretty much OK. I would also say that if you do not know any city it is a little silly to be wandering alone at night but in a group you should be fine. Use common sense and be aware that not all people who seem to be friendly on the streets, actually are. Take your hotel address with you, learn the local emergency number 112 and take only the cash that you need for the night.