Riga Team Building

Our Team Building events combine the best of our tours and activities

Including challenging city games and some great Latvian cuisine to create a rewarding experience

Why choose Riga for a team building event? Riga has so much to offer and it is an easily reachable location from most major cities in Europe. With unique activities, amazing venues, regional specialities, affordable prices, great accommodation, urban and natural locations, great night life, beautiful architecture and rich history, there is no reason to look elsewhere. Riga is the number one candidate to hold your team building exercise.

Team Building development points

  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Surreal thought provoking activities
  • Themed, theatrical games with a narrative
  • Physical and Mental challenges

When developing team building events in Riga we understand the need for unique, themed activities that fit your group and bring the team together. Team building events organized through E.A.T. Riga offer more than the average events management companies can put together. We specialise in meeting our clients needs by working closely with them, to ensure a memorable, rewarding, creative and successful set of activities that will bring your team closer together.

Riga Team Building GameOur approach to Team Building

Our activities use mental and physical tasks that will challenge teams in a surreal and unorthodox manner. We develop our activities in house using a process that makes sure that we are creating an appropriately themed event.

Where we can, we develop and service the activities, like city games, group challenges or incentive activities, by ourselves. But of course, if it will involve specialized events, including boats, shooting, racingclimbing or similar, we will make sure that the experts do what they know best.

One thing we have learned in the past is the need to keep groups happy and there is no better way than by making sure everyone is well fed and watered. Riga has many fantastic dining options and we can organize various types of catering from high-end restaurants to budget snacks between activities.

As with everything in this life, it is not what you know, but who you know. And with a name like E.A.T. Riga, we pride ourselves on being in touch with the many culinary delights that Riga has to offer.

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