Riga The Capital Of Latvia

Riga is the Capital of Latvia, rich in architecture, culture and a plentiful array of attractions, Riga is by far one of the most amazing capital cities in Europe and well worth visiting. This can be seen in the increase in visitors to Riga year on year since entering the EU.

The capital city is home to around 700,000 inhabitants making it a very pleasant sized city to spend time in. Riga was created around 800 years ago, so it is a fairly new city but that in no way reduces the huge amount of history one will find. Riga is a charming place to begin your trip to Latvia, with all of the things you would expect from a modern capital city, great food, live music, performances, the opera, theatrical events, great art nouveau architecture, wild nightlife, shopping and a rich history. It has a huge amount of museums that will help you to get to know some of the local culture and history, we highly recommend the occupation museum and the war musuem.

Many visitors to Latvia will get stuck in the capital city but there is much more beyond the beauty of Riga. Even if your stay in Latvia is short you could quite well take the opportunity to make a day trip out to some of the more undiscovered areas of this beautiful land known as a Latvia.

Latvia as a country destinantion is often overlooked with many people simply staying in the capital Riga but it has much on offer outside of the metropolitan, bustling city. Latvia is the home of many beautiful landscapes, vast forests, fantastic beaches, out door activities and an intriguing culture that makes it the perfect place to have a holiday and not just a weekend visit to its capital. It would be a crime for us not to encourage people to leave the city!

Latvia’s rich natural beauty is one of the finest in all of Europe and many out door activities such as horse riding, camping, bungee jumping, canoeing, fishing, hunting, sailing, cycling, treking are often overlooked by visitors. If you are an outdoors person then really take the time to look in to some of the outdoor options that are on offer. Feel free to get in touch or look at our outdoor activties in Latvia. Any special requests regarding outdoor activities we may be able to find a solution for you, after all, we love the wild ourselves and will be more than happy to share our knowledge!

We recommended the following destinations when you wish to escape the capital.

  • Jurmala
  • Cesis
  • Sigulda
  • Liepaja
  • Ventspils
  • Kuldiga
  • Daugavpils

We hope you enjoy your time in Latvia. Don’t get stuck just in Riga, explore, enjoy and plan your trip to allow for the many activities and places to enjoy in this beautiful part of the world. After all, Riga has been discovered for many years but Latvia’s hidden beauty is still yet to be found!