Riga Transfers

Transfers to & from Riga International Airport to Riga City Center or around Latvia and the Baltic’s.

Reaching Riga from the airport could not be easier with our transfer service

We are offering a range of services to help you reach your destination in Latvia without any fuss or hassle. English / Russian speaking drivers can await you at your chosen starting location and drop you off where you need to be.

For an idea of prices we are offering our Airport shuttle service at a fixed rate for upto 8 people.

  • 1 way ticket – Riga international Airport to Riga City Center – 50 euro
  • Return ticket – Riga international Airport to Riga City Center to Riga International Airport – 80 euro
  • Night time pickups / drop offs (1900 – 0700) + 15 euro each way

Other services

  • Riga to your chosen Latvian destination (i.e. Riga to Rundale palace or Riga to Kudliga)
  • Riga to to your chosen Lithuanian destination (i.e. Riga to ┼áiauliai Hill of crosses)
  • Riga to Tallinn
  • Riga to Vilnius
  • Riga to Klaipeda

Simply contact us for a quote on these locations. Each journey can be different, with various stops etc, for this reason we quote on individual basis.