Riga Urban Exploration Tour

riga-urban-street-photography-tour-IMG_0273-s01The unseen Riga is waiting to be discovered.

Do you like old, abandoned buildings? Do old factories and unlit hallways get you excited? Would you like to see buildings and structures that have been left derelict for years? Well we have decided to make one of our hobbies, urban exploration, into one of your tours! Join us on an adventure not to be forgotten.

What is included

  • A fun and entertaining tour guide.
  • Flexibility to create a route to fit you best.
  • Begin the tour at a time that suits you.
  • Full day tour.
  • Pick up from your accommodation (within Riga old town and the central district)

Bring your boots, flashlights and GPS, we are going on an adventure! There are many places to choose from on this tour. Maybe an old paper factory, military installation or an old sanatorium interests you. We can compose a tour that suits your desires. If you have some information on a site of interest within Riga or Latvia, we can get you there and provide a tour for your chosen destination as well.

Within Riga and Latvia there are many areas and constructions that have been left to rot and decay. Some were left by the Soviets and are now playgrounds for the keen explorer. Others were in a state of ruin before the Soviets left. For sure, if you like old, run down things, this is a great way to discover them.

We advise that if you are interested in this kind of tour that you are fully aware of the need to be in good health and prepare yourself with the correct clothing for the event. Some things are beyond our control in these old buildings. This is not for the faint hearted.


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