Riga Wine Tasting

Wine, we all love it

So come along through Riga to discover the wine culture in the capital of Latvia.

Included in the tour:

  • Guide
  • Wine expert
  • Wine selection – Contact us for up to date information and special requests

A selection of world wines will be offered to you and you shall be led by one of our wine experts. No, these people are not alcoholics, they really know their wines. Passionate, well informed and light hearted. The approach to this experience is as much one of learning about wines and wine culture in Riga as it is a time to relax unwind and enjoy amongst good company and friends.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information and prices for groups. Please remember we can always mix our tours together, so the Riga wine tasting can be a great addition to a number of our cultural experiences here in Riga.

Taste, enjoy and relax!