Riga Public Transport

Public transport in Riga – Bus, Trams, Trains and Bicycle information in Riga. How to get around in Riga and beyond.

The Public transport system can be confusing; the lack of maps at stops, little onboard information and a confusing ticketing system can make life difficult for anyone visiting Riga. However, once you get your head around it, Riga’s transport system is surprisingly cheap, efficient and user friendly. However, if you want to really enjoy and explore the network you may join one of our Tram Tours. Ride the rails with an expert guide and see parts of the city rarely explored by tourists.

Public Transport in Riga

Riga has 9 tram routes, 19 trolley bus and over 50 bus routes. You can buy single, multiple trip, daily or multi-day ‘e-talons’ tickets from Narvesen shops, Rimi supermarkets or the ticket machines. Single trip tickets can also be purchased from the driver for twice the price.

We believe that the best form of public transport in Riga is the tram. There are varying ages of trams that all have their own character and some of the best parts of the city can be reached by them. If you want to see more with trams join one of our RIGA TRAM TOURS.

There are also a number of mini-bus routes, although these can be quite cramped and you may get closer to locals than you wish to on busy routes! You can get an idea of where they go from the sign in the window; hold out your hand to hail one, and just tell the driver when you want to hop-off.

Prices on the transport system have changed frequently so please look at the link below for current info.

Timetables and a handy route planner can be found at the Rigas Satiksme website.

Some useful routes are:

Bus 22 to Riga Airport.
Tram 11 to Mežaparks and the Zoo.
Bus 1 to the Open Air Museum

Trains from Riga

Cheap and comfortable, trains are the best way to get around Latvia. Unfortunately, there are only a certain number of tracks, and the only international lines go to the border of Estonia or to Russia. Still, if you plan on a day trip to check out the castle ruins in Cesis, the natural beauty of Sigulda or want to spend a day by the beach, a train is your best bet. All tracks lead to Riga Central Station, tickets can be bought in the hall before making your way up to the platform.

More information is available on our Latvian Trains Information page.

Riga Buses

Buses will get you most places in Latvia and are also the only way to travel between the three Baltic capitals. Whilst standards vary depending on the company and the distance travelled, they are reliable enough and run quite regularly. Most buses leave from the Main Bus Station, located between the Old Town and the Central Market. The most popular international bus lines are Lux Express and Ecolines.

Find the times here:

Riga Bike

With the exception of the cobblestones and the crazy drivers, Riga is a perfect city for cycling. Flat as a tack, plenty of parks and quiet suburbs to explore and a cycling infrastructure that is slowly catching up to the explosion in the number of riders over the last few years. Just make sure to ride safely and courteously and treat everyone else as an idiot.

Some great small rental companies are located in the centre, or if you want to really discover the city, join one of our COMPLETE RIGA BIKE TOURS and let a friendly guide show you what Riga has to offer. We also run tours out to the beach town of Jurmala and the quieter beaches to the north, all reachable within 2hours on bike from Riga. Check our BEACH BIKE RIDE TOUR for more info and ideas