Riga Port

Riga port is controlled by the Free Port of Riga Authority. They are responsible for the large number of cargo and passenger ships that pass through this busy waterway of Riga.

Riga Free Port is actually situated on both sides of the Daugava River, from the heart of the city of Riga, all the way out to the bay of Riga, stretching a total of 15 Kms. It has been in use in one form or another for over 800 years and continues to grow to this day. Riga has a great nautical history and there is no better way to arrive in the city, than by boat! The Daugava River has been the life source for Riga and continues to support its development to this day.

Riga to Stockholm Ferry

Regular ferries travel between Riga and Stockholm on an overnight voyage, allowing easy access from Sweden to Latvia, this service is operated by Tallink Silija Line. Many people are using this cruise to visit Riga for shopping and day trips. You will find a large alcohol warehouse close to the ferry terminal, situated in an area known as Andrejsala. Not all of you will be wanting to buy alcohol after the night of karaoke and drink on the boat so simply follow the instructions below to get to the old city and make the most of your stay in Riga.

Cruise ships

Many cruise ships pass through the passenger terminal and nearby docks, bringing 1000s of tourists to Riga every year. This number is steadily growing and becoming an integral part of the tourism industry in Riga. E.a.t. Riga offers day trips and shore excursions for cruise visitors, so drop us a line to make your stay in Riga a memorable one. We have had many visitors from cruise ships and often have had more than one group from a vessel join together to make a larger group tour with great success. Try one of our shore excursions in Riga if you are visiting us by cruise ship.

Getting to Old Riga from the Ferry Terminal

The best way to get to the old city from the Ferry Terminal is on foot, it takes about 10 minutes and is very easy. Although you can use a taxi, by the time you find one and it drives you in you could have walked there! You will see the suspension bridge as you enter the port of Riga. You will need to follow the pedestrian bring under this along the river until you see a pedestrian crossing on to the other side of the road. If you head down any of the streets between the buildings here you will pass into the old city. If you are a little worried about reaching the old city then we would recommend a local guide, like ourselves, pick you up and show you the city. After all we know many of you will not wish to join the large bus tours that you are all so familiar with!

If you are visiting by ferry or cruise ship and would like to make the most out of your time here in Riga, of you have any questions regarding your visit by boat or would like to book one of our city sightseeing tours or shore excursions, feel free to get in touch and we can help make you stay memorable. We will be more than happy to come and pick you up from the harbour. Happy travels!