Riga Taxi

Riga Taxi – Information about catching a Taxi in Riga

Using a Taxi in Riga can be a very simple process, but as some of you may have read on the internet, Riga has a reputation for over priced taxi fares, aggressive drivers and an overall poor rate of Taxi service by European standards.

In honesty some of the above is true, with many horror stories of people being over charged, driven around Riga in circles for hours before being dropped off at the wrong hotel, assaults from drivers to customers when price negotiations failed and a general negative overall experience felt by many visitors to the city. But do not fear, some Taxi companies in Riga have addressed this issue to create safe, comfortable and affordable Taxi services that you will have no complaints about.

The best advice we can give is to make sure that you know which company you are using, what number plate your driver has and that you always wear your seatbelt. I have been in some crazy taxis in Riga before and have feared for my life! Nowadays I am a lot more careful about which car I jump into, especially after some drinks or in an unfamiliar part of Riga. One thing to note, if you find a good driver, see if he will give you his card. Not all drivers will do this if they work for the bigger companies but some of the smaller ones will be more than happy to become a regular driver for you.

One last thing, if your driver gets you to your destination and you are satisfied with the price and the service, do not hesitate to tip them. This, in my eyes, deters people from turning to rip-off tactics to make some extra cash. Look through our Is Riga Safe? section for more info on safety in Riga.

Below is a list of some of the firms that we would recommend to our clients. Its hard to say which is the best Taxi firm in Riga but some are certainly better than others.

Baltic Taxi +371 20 00 85 00

Baltic taxi, which was established by the Air Baltic company in reaction to the negative press about Riga, have shown the way for a clean, modern and well behaved Taxi firm. With fixed prices from Riga Airport to the city centre, it makes your arrival in Riga much more relaxing. Tickets for the Air Baltic Taxi’s can be purchased within the airport before exiting the main building. Within the city itself, you will find Baltic Taxi all over the place and again, they offer fair, safe rides around Riga. You will see them easily by their distinct green colour scheme.

Lady Taxi +371 27 80 09 00

An exclusive fleet of Rose decorated cars, operated by female drivers. Lady Taxi offers a safe and cost effective way to get around the city in clean vehicles that tend to be very well driven, compared to many of their male counterparts. This company offers a very welcome alternative to night time taxi rides for females out for a night on the town. Well worth knowing about Riga’s Ladies.

RedCab +371 66 11 99 73

These are the red Taxi’s that are often talked about. You will easily find these Taxi’s parked outside of the Hotel Latvia (Radisson Blu Hotel) and all over the city. Affordable, clean and generally safe drivers.