Things to do in Riga

Riga has so many different things to offer

We are often asked by people: ‘What should I do in Riga?’ For us living here, it is quite easy. We take for granted many of the fantastic things to do in Riga that we enjoy each day. For visitors it is a different story, so below we will go through some of our favourite things to do in Riga. These are ideas for activities, shops, sightseeing locations and places to visit. For Museums and Galleries, visit our Guide to Riga’s Museums.


We have divided this guide into three parts. Our sightseeing section covers many of Riga’s famous sights and some of its infamous ones as well. If you want to know what to see in Riga, then check it out. For us, a visit to the Central Market is definitely one of the highlights of Riga; of course, best done accompanied by a guide on our Latvian Food Tasting Tour, but also worth exploring alone. One of Riga’s hidden gems has to be the Brother Cemetery memorial ensemble; a beautifully laid out memorial park dedicated to those who gave their lives for Latvian independence. The sculptor is the same who made the more accessible Freedom Monument.

The second part deals with Riga Attractions, places to go for either paid or free activities in Riga. Many of these are good for families with children. You’ll find Riga’s Zoo here, as well as places to go Ice Skating if visiting Riga in winter. For the adults, check out Riga Opera and Ballet (although the kids might enjoy the matinee show), for excellent performances at a very reasonable price. The best place to see a film in Riga is in the Splendid Palace Cinema, due to its varied selection of films and its magnificent interior design.

Finally, we have put together a list of the most interesting shops in Riga. No H&M or Zara here, although Riga does have these and many other international brands. We tried to select the best places to shop in Riga for buying local products from independent retailers. You can get a warm glow shopping in Otra Elpa, Riga’s first charity shop, find cutting-edge local designer objects in Riija or Istaba, become a Latvian hipster after a visit to Pavilons or find some delicious gourmet Latvian products in Riga Farmers Markets.

Whatever you want to do here in Riga, you’re sure to find a good suggestion on these pages; What to do in Riga is no longer a necessary question. Of course, if you want more ideas, or would like to join us on one of Riga Tours, then just get in contact with us. We’ll help you get the most out of your time in Riga.