Barber Shops in Riga

Riga’s finest barber shops selected by us

The times when men in Riga had to walk around scruffy looking are finally over(now they don’t have to, they just choose to), the global trend of masculine grooming has hit this part of the world too(accompanied by craft beer and full sleeve tattoos). We’ll try to help you navigate your way between Riga’s finest establishments for getting a manly haircut, taking care of your beard or both.

Since Soviet days in Latvia the hairdressers profession has been very dominated by women, even today, if you go to have your hair cut to a “regular” place you’ll be met by a lady, almost always, it would be unimaginable to find a guy with a pair of scissors in his hands(unless you’ve walked into a fancy “60-euros-per-haircut” saloon). While this still remains a thing, there is one more option, however, and it’s the barber shop, a place you wouldn’t find in Riga even 5 years a ago. With changing trends around the globe and also with recovering economy we have seen barber’s pop up all over central Riga. It’s 2016 and there is clearly a considerable amount of men willing to spend some of their disposable income on these kind of services. So if you’ve been on the road travelling already for a couple of weeks and need to take care of your appearance while here in Riga, take a look at our selection to get a better picture.