Where to Eat in Riga

E.a.t. Riga’s guide to Riga’s restaurants and cafes.

The restaurant scene in Riga has come a long way in the last few years. While you will still find plenty of place offering the local dishes of pork and potatoes, a number of new options have appeared, serving some interesting dishes using locally sourced products. Our guide to dining will help you find a good place to eat in Riga. Like our tours, our Riga restaurant guide is a little alternative. We try to recommend the smaller, independent local places rather than the big tourist-oriented spots or the international chains. Get out into the city and discover the new Latvian cuisine.


Coming to any new city and asking ‘Where to eat?’ is one of the most common questions one asks when travelling. We are trying to update our guide to restaurants in Riga constantly but as with everything some information can get out of date quite fast. We do list where possible the website and contact for these locations so feel free if you are uncertain to check them out directly to make sure they are still current! If you see any information that is outdated please let us know. If you are a restaurant, cafe or bar owner and think you should be listed here, drop us a line and let us know why! Thank you for taking the time to read our listings and we hope the information is of use to you all.