Armenian Food in Riga

Located in city’s main creative district – Miera Street on a second floor(unusual for a restaurant in Riga), this family run Armenian restaurant brings flavours of Caucasus to Riga. There is definitely no shortage of Caucasian joints here, but not in many places you will feel like at an Armenian family’s home. This is not your typical restaurant where you get served by a waiter, no, here it’s the host herself who not only explains and recommends the different foods but also discusses the do’s and don’ts in a rather cheeky manner. Prepare to get schooled if you thought you know your Armenian food and don’t ask for potatoes as a side or even worse – some ketchup.

As you might have guessed, there’s loads of lamb dishes, some of which need to be ordered several days before, because of the slow cooking techniques used for preparation. But in between all the meaty goodness there are options also for vegetarians.
As far the interior goes – it will feel like stepping back to the Soviet times, almost each table is separated by a wooden booth, thing you can observe in other Armenian restaurants too. Privacy while enjoying your meal is highly regarded, but maybe it’s a way how all your attention is directed at the food and your party sitting at the table.


Address: Miera Iela 15

Phone: +371 67 373 445

Website: Aragats

Tue – Sun: 13:00 – 22:00

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