Budget and Fast Food in Riga

Where to eat for cheap in Riga

Whether you’re on a budget, pressed for time or just want to fill your stomach without having to find a nice restaurant, then Our guide to fast food and cheap eats in Riga is for you. We’ve got it all covered, from greasy burgers to Russian dumplings, all quick, easy and cheap. It may not be the healthiest food, but hey, you’re on holiday. We’ll help you find a good cheap place to eat in Riga.


Riga has its chains, McDonalds, Hesburger (Finnish McDonalds) and Čili Pica (very slow fast food) have branches all over the city. Like in our other recommendations, we’ve tried to pick out the local, independent and more unique options, rather than the global multi-nationals. Many of these places have the advantage of being open late in the evening, so if you’re out partying all night, or arrive in Riga just before midnight, then there is still a chance to get something to eat in Riga  late at night. For a quick bite, also check out our Riga Cafe Guide for places to get some tasty pastries on the go.