Pelmeni XL Dumplings

Pelmeni XL – Fast Food Latvian Style

You’ve just stumbled out of an Old Town bar and you’re starting to feel a bit hungry but it’s 3am.. where will you find something to eat at this ungodly hour?

Luckily for every late night reveller, there is always Pelmeņi XL. Open on Friday and Saturday nights until 4am, this dumpling house has become the saviour of many a hungry drunk. It is, however, also open during the day and can be a great, cheap option for lunch or a snack.

Although pelmeni are supposedly not traditionally Latvian (the name comes from Russian, and dumplings originated… well who knows) they have become a favourite food and are served in many places across the city. Pelmeņi XL has turned them into a form of Latvian style fast food; simply grab a bowl, fill it with meat, smoked meat, cheese or vegetable dumplings, top with sauce, sour cream and pickles and pay by weight.

Maybe it’s not particularly healthy, but it’s quick and cheap and better than the other well know fast food chain from USA whose name we will not mention out of fear of lawsuits. XL Pelmeņi also serve yoghurt, kefir, juice, beer and of course vodka to help with your digestion.


Address: Kalķu iela 7

Phone: +371 6 7 222728


Mon – Fri 09:00-04:00

Sat, Sun 10:00-04:00



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