Coffee and Cake in Riga

Our Riga Cafe and Bakery Guide

While Latvia is not necessarily know for its coffee, there has always been a strong cafe culture in Riga, as places for people, be they socialites, artists and revolutionaries, to meet and talk. This tradition is still going strong and Riga has a number of excellent cafes, bakeries and tea houses for you to spend time in. The quality of the coffee is improving but the cakes and pastries have always been excellent. Grab a drink and a cake, sit out on one of the terraces and watch the city life go by.


Coffee is important to some people… very important. However, coffee in Latvia can be a bit hit and miss, especially outside of Riga. Therefore we are very pleased about the number of new cafes in Riga, serving quality coffee, espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino, however you take it you can find a decent cup without too much effort. And what better than a slice of cake or a pastry to accompany it. Riga also has some good tea houses and bakeries if you’re not a coffee aficionado. Riga’s cafes make nice spots for a hot drink, a snack or a light lunch in a relaxing environment. Check out our Riga Cafe Guide to find the perfect spot.