Martina Bekerija (Martin’s Bakery)

Known and loved throughout Riga

Cheap pies and tasty cakes – Mārtiņa Beķerija is a great place for a quick snack.

If you’re in central Riga and are looking for a good place to get a coffee and a couple of pastries, then you could do a lot worse then pop into one of Martin’s bakeries. With six locations around the city, you’re probably not to far from one. Inside you’ll find a line of people waiting to choose from the big selection of pastries on the shelves behind the counter. Join the line and see if you can hit the jackpot, having arrived at the moment when a fresh batch appears from the kitchen, hot from the oven.

Whilst Martina Bekerija has good coffee and some nice cakes, most people come to the bakery for its pastries. You can choose from many different fillings, ranging from savoury to sweet. Traditional favourites include cheese, meat, ham, cabbage and potato as well as cinnamon or biezpiens (curd cheese) pastries. However, you can also try something a little more obscure such as egg, crab or rhubarb. The bakery offers take away if you’re in a hurry, otherwise grab a seat, relax and watch the locals.



Brivības iela 80 – 67316535

Vaļņu iela 28 – 67213314

Marijas iela 19 – 67287161

Deglava iela 120 – 67549850

Lokomotīves iela 76a – 67149084



Mon – Fri: 7:30–21:00
Sat – Sun: 08:00–21:00


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