Contemporary Food in Riga

Creative Contemporary Restaurants in Riga

The last five years have seen a revolution in Riga’s restaurant scene. Where once there was little option except for the generic chain restaurants or soviet style cafeterias, we are now spoilt for choice. There has been a big push towards using local, seasonal and traditional ingredients in a creative and experimental manner, meaning better food on our plates for a fair price.

Our guide to Riga’s dining has chosen some of our favourite places to get the most interesting and tasty food.These are some of the best restaurants in Riga.


You won’t find too much ‘traditional’ in these listings, more a blend of international dishes and modern cooking methods. However, the ingredients are the same you find in authentic Latvian cooking.

Seabuckthorn berries, hemp seeds, sweet clover and other foraged foods regularly show up in dishes. Staples like buckwheat or pumpkin are re-imagined, seasonals like wild garlic or chanterelle mushrooms come and go as spring passes to summer to autumn.

This is modern dining, but with a distinct local twist. We are sure that by dining at any of the listings in our Riga contemporary restaurant guide, you will have a memorable dinner.