International food in Riga

Whole world on a plate in Riga

While Riga may not be the cosmopolitan, multicultural city in the world, it does have a reasonable number of International restaurants. While the more popular cuisines are present; Chinese, Japanese, Italian and McDonalds, there are also some you maybe haven’t tried.

Riga has small minorities from various former-soviet republics, meaning an abundance of Central Asian and Caucasian restaurants. If you get tired of the heavy traditional Latvian food, then try our guide to the International restaurants in Riga.


We’ve tried to come up with a list of the best places to try authentic food from other cultures, right here in Riga. You can find American style pizzas and burgers all across the city, but for proper Italian pizza, there are limited options. Likewise with Indian or Asian dishes. The same can not be said about the ex-soviet countries however. You have numerous choices if you want to try Georgian, Armenian, Uzbek or Kazakh food. Indeed Riga may be one of the best places outside of these countries to get authentic cuisine. Our guide to Riga’s International restaurants will help you to find a good place to try some hachipuri, shasliki, ravioli or sushi.