Traditional Latvian Cuisine in Riga

Latvian Food in Riga

Traditional Latvian food is quite heavy, closely linked to the cuisine of close neighbours Germany, Russia and Sweden. It is not all pork, cabbage and potatoes, although these do feature strongly, and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. You can read about traditional Latvian food or take our Latvian Food Tasting Tour to find out more about local cuisine and food culture. We have put together a list of places to get some proper local dishes for a good price, trying to avoid the less authentic, touristy and expensive Old Town restaurants.


Latvian food is closely tied to the environment in which it developed. Long, cold winters mean foods like pork, cabbage, potatoes and other root vegetables feature prominently. However, you also find a wide range of berries and mushrooms, many types of fish and even wild game such as venison, wild boar and even beaver. Vegetarians can find it tough going, read up on our vegetarian and vegan section,  although you can always find potato pancakes on the menu. Eating Latvian food will help you understand a little more about the nature and the culture of the country.