Silkites un Dillites Fish & Chips

Herring and Dill

There are few things more Latvian than dill. It gets everywhere, in your soup, in your salad, in your pickles and stuck in your teeth. Combine that with the regional delicacy of Baltic herring and you have a winning Latvian combination.

But Siļķītes un Dillītes is about more than these two ingredients. Conveniently located between the Fish and Vegetable pavilions in Riga Central Market this new restaurant has its ingredients at hand, serving freshly caught fish, eels and lamprey as well as other specialities.

With some 531 km of coastline, Latvia has a strong fishing tradition, and fish dishes feature prominently in Latvian cuisine. Just look next door at the bustling Fish pavilion to get an idea; smoked carp and mackerel, sardines or sprats in oil and jellied lamprey abound.

‘Herring and Dill’ give a great introduction to the fishy side of Lativan food in an excellent location. If you’re not overly hungry, then simply stop in for a ķiļavmaize un degvīns (sprats on bread and a shot of vodka). The true breakfast of champions! Open during the market’s opening hours, this makes it a good place for lunch while exploring the Central Market.


Address: Centrāltirgus iela 3(Riga Central Market – Between Vegetable and Fish pavilions)


Website: Siļķītes un Dillītes


Mon – Sun: 09:00–17:00


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