Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Riga

Vegan and Vegetarian in Riga

Just a few years ago there were hardly any options for Vegetarian and Vegan food in Riga. The number of Vegetarian-friendly restaurants are growing, many places have vegetarian dishes or a vegetarian section in their menus but it is still difficult to find dedicated places to eat. We have a few suggestions for you, place serving only vegetarian and vegan dishes ranging from the budget to the gourmet.


Riga is coming on in leaps and bounds when catering for non-meat eaters. At most restaurants in Riga you’ll find at least one vegetarian or vegan choice on the menu. The same can’t be said for the rest of the country, where the only non-meat dish comes covered in fried bacon. However, not many restaurants in Riga are entirely meat-free, but fortunately those that do exist offer a nice variety of food and price. There are also places to get a vegan cake to go with your coffee. Use our Riga Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant guide to find a nice place for dinner in Riga