Salaspils Concentration camp and Rumbula memorial visit

Visit Salaspils Concentration Camp and Rumbula memorial site in an eye opening excursion outside of Riga.

For those of you curious as to what took place in Latvia during the Nazi regime, Salaspils and Rumbula are key sites of detention and extermination. Today memorials are all that remains of these sites of terror.

We provide transport out of Riga following along the Old Moscow Road down firstly to the Salaspils camp site. Here we will introduce you to the location of a major camp designed by the Nazis to hold multiple types of detainees. Large human monuments fill the area where the camp once stood, an imposing and moving place for anyone to visit.

After the Salaspils camp we return towards Riga, making a stop at the Rumbula monument, site to a massacre of around 25,000 Jews in late 1941. This small corner of forest was the last stop for the thousands who perished here.

Included in the tour:

  • Transfer from Hotel to the sites.
  • Tour guide

This tour as you can imagine is not the easiest emotionally that we offer and we try our best to make the visit informative and respectful at the same time.