Shopping in Riga

Shopping in Riga

So many of you are now realising that Riga has a vast amount of shopping potential for you to take cash in on that we felt it is time that we write a short guide to what is available for you on your visit to Riga. The guide is currently under construction, but we will work to improve it over the current month. Stay tuned.


Vintage Riga

Of course, the vintage market in Riga is under exploited and this means that aside from the hand full of specialist vintage shops, most second hand shops have a vast amount of cool, odd, soviet, early 90’s gems floating around. To find these stores you just need to head out into any suburb or the central district of Riga, which is full of second hand stores. Many offering low prices and some with special ‘countdown’ days where prices reduce over the week or even by the hour. Madness! If you wish to really get a good view of Riga’s vintage and retro shopping check out our vintage Riga excursion and join us on a guided shopping spree!

Modern Latvian Design

Latvia is an up and coming new design location these days and none more so than its heart and soul, Riga. You will find many cool stores such as Riija which provide the city with a great array of different design and craft products. Again around the central district you will find a number of stores selling interestimg local crafts.

Designer brands in Riga

Ah, who needs them! Well, if you really do there are a number of very dull shopping centers to enjoy!


With such a great central market you should really take advantage of it but do not forget Matisa market and Argenskalns market, as well the twice weekly Berga Bazar market and Kalnciema street market.