Skrunda Abandoned Soviet Town Tour

Skrunda-1 is closed for visitors as of 2018. You can contact us about similar places for exploration tours.

Built to house workers on nearby radar installations, Skrunda-1 has been abandoned since 1998. While nature, weather and vandalism have taken their toll on the structures, this is still a great site for those interested in a bit for urban exploration outside of Riga. A fascinating day trip from Riga, to the Latvian countryside and a secret soviet ghost town.

Included in the tour

  • Transfer to and from Riga
  • Entrance to Skrunda-1
  • English speaking guide and driver
  • Full day tour

As one for the regions of the USSR nearest the west,  Latvia is full of former soviet military installations, destroyed and abandoned as the Russians gradually pulled their personal out of the Baltics. As interest in these sites grows, some are being opened up to the public.

Skrunda-1 (also sometimes referes to as Skrunda-2) is one such example. We now have the opportunity to offer a tour inside the abandoned facility. A 2 hour trip from Riga, this is a fun day trip for those interested in urban exploration, soviet history or abandoned spaces. Your guide will show you to some of the most interesting parts of the large complex, and you will have some free time for exploring by yourself.

Our Skrunda tour can also be combined with a visit to Kuldiga in the same trip. A beautiful quiet city, it makes a nice contrast to a tour in the soviet ghost town of Skrunda.

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