Tbilisi Hostel

Friends Hostel Tbilisi, Georgia.

Some of us from E.a.t. Riga have just returned from a trip out to Georgia and we have some tips for you guys where to stay in Tbilisi.

Friends Hostel in Tbilisi is a great little hostel with a balcony, cool living area, a spacious dorm and private rooms, clean kitchen, hidden cave room and even a cat! Not to mention all of the awesome staff that run the place, Lasha, Beka and Nino, you made my stay in Tbilisi very cool. Friends hostel is the best hostel in Tbilisi!

Tbilisi Hostel
Great place to relax in Friends Hostel Tbilisi

When you enter this hostel you feel as if you have entered into someones house. There is great facilities in the kitchen and plenty of space for groups to eat together. I sat many times and ate with the owners and was lucky enough to eat lots of great food! Thanks Nino! Unlucky for some, they got to eat my cooking, sorry Beka!

I personally had the luxury of sleeping on the balcony for a number of nights, despite being told I was mad by the hostel owners! Even in October the weather is not so cold, so I took the opportunity and took advantage of the outdoor sleeping arrangements. You can see the balcony in the picture below.

Friends Hostel Tbilisi
Great facade of Friends Hostel Tbilisi

The hostel is located in the heart of Tbilisi’s old city and many of the main sites and transport links are reachable in a matter of minutes from the hostel door. Situated in a residential neighborhood you may find that the locals are more than willing to invite you for a glass of wine or cha cha.

If you want a chilled out place to stay in a great location, with great people, easy going atmosphere, no bibles by by your beds and no keys or key deposits, then this is the hostel in Tbilisi for you. If you are looking for something a little different with great character, then look no further than Friends Hostel.

Tbilsi Hostel
Common area in Friends Hostel Tbilisi

I have stayed in many hostels in my life but Friends Hostel Tbilisi was something special, much more than a hostel more like feeling part of the family. I would recommend anyone to go and stay there. The common area is by far the best feature and the location of this hostel in Old Tbilisi is also great. Miss this place already! See you soon.

Check out www.friendshostel.ge for more info, location and contact details.

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