Where to drink in Riga

EAT Riga’s guide to Riga’s nightlife

Riga’s nightlife is a diverse and shifting mix of hipster bars, cavernous nightclubs, all-night booze shops, expensive Irish pubs, beer halls and everything in between. Our guide to Riga by night is, like our tours, a little alternative. We won’t recommend the overpriced and touristy, but rather the independent, unique venues that locals prefer. You may have to do a bit of walking to get to some of the locations, but we think they’re worth it. Enjoy Eat Riga’s guide to alternative nightlife in Riga.


There are plenty more places to drink a Latvian beer or a shot of delicious Riga Black Balsam than we can list in our Bar Guide, so don’t be afraid to get out there and explore. Just be on the lookout for the typical scams that sometimes get people into trouble, and don’t buy a drink for a beautiful young girl that met you on the street and took you to her “friends bar”. If you want to get a better understanding of Riga and its culture, then join our Beer & Balsam Tour or for the beer aficionado, our Craft Beer and Microbrewery Tour. Drink responsibly and of course, locally!