Chomsky Bar

Chomsky – where beer meets Bohemia

This bar is named after the renowned political commentator Noam Chomsky. A basic, rustic, rough but stylish interior makes for a laid back atmosphere with a mix and range of clientele unlike anywhere else in Riga.

Located at the edge of Central Riga on Lāčplēša iela it is surrounded by residential buildings and a sense of being isolated away from many of the other bars around town. This makes it a nice find at the end of a long days work to kick back and enjoy the atmosphere.

A wide range of beers are on tap and in the bottle, as well as plenty hot drinks, soft drinks and liquors at affordable prices means that Chomsky Bar is well equipped as a venue for socializing as well as events such as lectures, music performances and more.

Clients range from students local and foreign all the way up to a more mature crowd. One thing seems to unite most of the clientele is the generally relaxed attitude that is brought along and many a night is spent into the early hours talking, drinking and generally having fun. This is an alternative venue with a very different approach to business than other watering holes.


Address: Lāčplēša iela 68

Phone: +371 2612 6187


Mon-Sun: 16:00 – Late


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