Clubs in Riga

Rock the dance floor…

..Or just chill at the back and check out the crowd. We have put together a list of the clubs in Riga that we recommend.


There are quite a few dodgy, underground dives around but we’re only listing safe clubs in Riga, where you won’t get ripped off or worse. Riga’s nightclubs range from multi-room places playing Russian pop-music to one-room clubs that get packed after mid-night. Drinks can be pricey, but your sure to have a great night.


Our guide to nightclubs in Riga is oriented towards Riga’s alternative scene, places we go rather than the shiny meat-markets playing mind-numbing Euro-pop. These places exist, and you’re free to find them and pay to get in before paying 10 € for a small bottle of warm Heineken. However, we prefer to show you the places where you will get a good drink for a reasonable price, have a dance and enjoy yourself without getting hassled by gorillas. Dance like no one is watching.