Depo Club

Alternative bar and club – Depo

Depo is one of the long running alternative venues in Riga. With local and foreign up and coming bands as well as more well known artists from Latvia and abroad, this space really has some charm and character that other locations lack in Riga. With 2 floors, a bar upstairs serving fair priced drinks and the basement level with dance floor room and a concert room, Depo, when lively is a great place to spend the evening with friends and strangers.

Many bands that have no grown to become popular and well established with the Latvian alternative scene have passed through Depo’s doors and it is a great spring platform for those rising or at least trying to get their name out there. Also well known on the local scene for some of the more out there events such as the beach party held annually in winter, where sand is brought into to cover the floors and swim and beach wear allows you a special entrance. A great place to check out if the alternative scene is what you are looking for. Check out their website / window on the club to find out what is happening.


Address: Grēcinieku iela 5



Open: Open throughout the week and weekends

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