Omas Briljants

Briljant nightclub in Riga Old Town

Omas Briljants is an unpretentious club in the heart of Riga’s Old Town. Some of Riga’s clubs will have you run a gauntlet of face control, pat-downs from gorillas and high entrance fees in order to enter, before finding the cavernous club completely empty apart from the tumbleweeeds. Omas, however, seems happy to pack in as many happy punters as can fit, like Rigas Sprats in a tin. Indeed some summer evenings it seems like there are more people on the terrace and spilling across the street than there are inside. There is however, enough space for some couches, a modest dancefloor and DJ booth downstairs and more room to move up on the second floor.

As with many new places Omas Briljants is not putting all its limes in one mohito (or eggs in one basket if you prefer). During the day it works as a cafe, serving tea, coffee and light lunches for a reasonable price. It is the night when it really comes alive, attracting a mix of locals, students and tourists who like the prices, enjoy the music and don’t want to 10 € for a bottle of heineken in one of the bigger clubs. If you like dressing to impress and being seen, or want to meet a nouveau riche Russian billionaire, then maybe Omas isn’t for you, but if you want to have a few drinks, meets some happy locals or dance to the selection of some random DJ, then you can do a lot worse than Omas Briljants.


Address: Audeju iela 7
Phone: +371 26121266
Website: Omas Briljants
Mon – Tue: 15:00 – 02:00
Wed – Thur: 15:00 – 04:00
Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 06:00
Sun: 12:00 – 02:00

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