Pubs in Riga

Good place to try Latvian beer in Riga

Maybe it’s the long German influence, but Latvia has some excellent beer and Riga has some great places to drink it. Our guide to Riga’s pubs is not limited to listings of the standard style drinking establishments, indeed we haven’t put any of Riga’s Irish pubs in our list.

Why travel all the way to Riga to drink crappy Guinness surrounded by English stag parties?  Instead we’ve focused on places serving good, cheap local beers, or more hard to find craft beers in friendly locations with live music or more. Our guide to pubs in Riga won’t let you down, just steer clear of Zelta beer.


Our Riga Pub Guide has been made by selecting the best places to try a range of local beers. The craft beer scene has kicked off here as well, something you can discover on our Craft Beer and Microbrewery Tour, so be sure to try something other than the traditional lager beers. Many of these places also serve food and have live music or more, making them good places to have a big night out.