A Microbrewery in the City Centre

There is a beer revolution happening across the world and Latvia is not immune to this craft beer craze. There are a number of new craft breweries opening across the country making some pretty tasty craft ales in the american mold, extra hoppy. Labietis, however has managed to combine the trend for creating flavour-packed beers with Latvian beer making traditions, meaning some very unique and interesting beers for you to try. Best of all, the bar is also the brewery, meaning while you sit and tipple, you can watch the brewers hard at work behind the glass wall. The brewers are also the bartenders, meaning they’re able to answer any of your more in-depth brewing questions that you put to them.

Labietis Microbrewery is located a little out of central Riga, in a small creative district under the Piens nightclub. The name comes from an old word for a Latvian warrior in pre-Christian times (the Latvian version of a Samurai so they say) and the interior and the names of the beers draw strongly on Latvian folk culture; folk symbols decorate the space and everything is constructed from heavy wood. The beers are the main draw here and you’ll find them flavoured with local ingredients such as heather, yarrow, caraway and juniper. With 8 – 12 beers on tap in constant rotation, each visit brings something new to try. While much of the craft beer scene can be similar and repetitive, Labietis is definitely to offer you Latvian beer like none you’ve tried before.


Address: Aristīda Briāna iela 9A-2

Phone: +371 25655958

Website: Labietis Microbrewery

Mon: 16:00–22:00
Tues: 15:00–23:00
Wed: 15:00–03:00
Thurs: 15:00–01:00
Fri: 15:00–03:00
Sat: 13:00–03:00
Sun: 13:00–01:00


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